May 17, 2007

AROS ISO with USB built-in


If you would like to test AROS with USB stack built into kernel (no need to manually start or load the stack), download the following link. The md5 sum of this file:

4a6c45111e87e4bc79f6d397b01ad953 aros.iso.bz2

Boot your machine and use your USB mouse and keyboard regardless of the USB host controller of your PC. Be careful - this build sends tons of debug over the serial line (COM2 port). Have fun :)

PS. I have updated the iso. Now the OHCI driver should be less noisy and handle Reset signals on USB ports properly.



Anonymous craid-hjb said...

Jo! Give us your thoughts on x64! :-) Give us serial logs, screenshots and compiler outputs! ;-)

Porting to a new architecture is such an interesting topic, might even be useful for freshers here..

8:27 PM  
Blogger Hombre said...

it sucks its 8bit new technology ahha its 1947 technology.
Itanium is the new amiga based on the exact same technology from video to sound. Ps3 high end suns high end sgis all amiga clones- thanks God fro Intel.

6:49 AM  
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