December 8, 2006

Aaron Digulla interviewed

Aaron Digulla, the AROS founder, has been interviewed by Paul J. Beel. You may find this very interesting article here.

December 6, 2006

I am not a $DeadBeef...

...even if you've though so after almost five months of total inactivity here :) I have had a break with AROS for some time, due to the reasons you know (see my previous post). Apart from that I have finished writting of my dissertation and am waiting for the proofs. Once they're here I will attempt my PhD exam :-D

Working on two different projects at the same time did happen to be an extremenly uncomfortable case. Therefore, I've concentrated on the USB stack right now and I hope to make it work within near future. Apart from that I have added a DTM_WRITE method to our png.datatype (LUT , RGB and RGBA formats are supported). It means that you may now grab screenshots and save them in loseless PNG format.