October 13, 2005

64-bit world. Waiting for hardware.

Well, few days ago I've applied for the x86-64 bounty. Hopefully the Epox mainboard together will nice athlon chip will arrive within the next two weeks. I have to grab all components I need by this time.

Getting 64-bit native into work may be a bit complex but at the very moment I see no reason for it to be undoable. There will be many many fixes to aros required. Some pieces of code will have to be made APTR/IPTR aware (we happen to use ULONG variables to store pointers somewhere in our code nowadays). But it should work.

No. It will work!

I guess I will try to implement some parts of my RFC number 01 there, in order to make kernel really modular. The local APIC of cpu will be used (all 64-bit AMD and Intel CPU's do have it anyway). It may also turn out, that I will have to apply for Bounty #32 just by the way :)


Blogger ACHILLE said...

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6:00 PM  
Blogger Kalamatee said...


It would be nice if during this process you could migrate development to gcc 4 and get atleast the core compiling correctly with it ;P

hehe jk - im looking forward to your results with 64bitness

11:59 PM  
Anonymous cpu frequency amd said...

Michal Schulz...It is nice seeing someone else interested in overclocking amd cpu enough to also make a blog on the subject. Your topic...64-bit world. Waiting for hardware. is exactly what I am spending my time investigating. Thanks.

3:06 PM  
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